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Alien: Covenant (2017) Review

The second Alien prequel arrived in the cinema five years after Prometheus; the first prequel that ended up having a very mixed reception from general critics and Alien fans alike. As pre-production ramped up on Alien: Covenant, rumours centred around  Noomi Rapace not being  in the sequel, and that story was all but confirmed as production began. However, during filming it was eventually revealed that she would be back, but clearly Dr Elizabeth Shaw wasn’t going to be a major character in the plot. Then, as filming progressed we got to see the first publicity shot of lead actor Katherine Waterston looking very Ripley-esque in a vest and holding what looked like a gun in her lap at the end of a spaceship corridor.
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Prometheus (2012) Review


The bulk of this review was written in the year or so after the film came out. At that time, there was no hint that a sequel would be made. Please take that into consideration when reading what follows below!

Soon after Ridley Scott’s take on ‘Robin Hood’ came out in 2010, an announcement was made that revealed he was to act as producer on a prequel to his 1979 science fiction classic, Alien. As the months went by, Ridley was promoted to director. However, soon after that announcement came another. The movie was no longer a direct prequel but was set in ‘the same universe’. That really got the Alien fans confused. What was going on? It really didn’t auger well for the film if they kept publicly changing their mind.

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Published for the Atari ST and Commodore Amiga by Image Works (1990).

This review was originally written for the Amiga Games Database web site in 2008 and appears here in a slightly edited form. It’s a review of an old 16-bit computer game from 1990 and NOT about the 2014 movie starring George Clooney and Sandra Bullock!

In my opinion, “Gravity” is one of those 16-bit computer games that never quite got the success it deserved. If you like your science fiction to be grounded in science fact, and you also like complicated 3D strategy games, then “Gravity” would have been right up your street.

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Star Wars Episode VII – The Force Awakens

This review is full of spoilers, so please don’t read any further if you’ve not seen The Force Awakens yet! Also, I’ve only seen the movie once so I might have blinked and missed the odd clue or reference to things I mention in the review.

Of course, it goes without saying that I’m a Star Wars fan. I was ten and a half years old when I got to see the original ‘Star Wars’ in a UK cinema. As it was for millions of other people, it was unlike anything else I’d ever seen before. It was a game changer in every way possible. From that moment I was hooked, and the next five or six years were a blur of waiting for, watching or reading about Star Wars any way that I could. The Empire Strikes Back was – and still is – the best movie sequel ever, and whilst Return of the Jedi was a bit of a let down, in hindsight it was okay compared to the prequels that emerged years later.

Anyway, fast-forward almost 38 years. The cinema scheduling deities had deemed that the release of Episode VII in the UK was to fall on our oldest son’s 9th birthday. As a result, he had been planning his 2015 birthday party the moment he knew. He was naturally extremely excited to be seeing a Star Wars movie in a cinema for the first time, on the day of release and on his actual birthday. Could it get any better?

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